Artist Series Collection: Sizer Yerger

The first time I met Sizer he was kicked back in his chair at Bijou Tattoo Studio on East 6th, sippin' a Topo Chico and working on a drawing for a client. Now, he owns his own studio, Buzz Buzz, in South Austin and is continuing his legacy of impeccable American Traditional tattooing and portraiture. Sizer has tattooed more than half of the staff here at StemCaps and needless to say, we're a big fan of his work. When we came up with the idea of doing an "Artist Series" collection, Sizer was our number 1 pick. I sat down with him to catch up and asked him some of the hard questions:

1.  What is your favorite cover of the ones you drew up for us?

I'd say the bulldog because it best represents my style which is "Western Traditional". I tried to keep the designs iconic enough that they would be received as "tattoo" designs and not just weird little paintings. I prefer tattoos that look like tattoos. I would like to do some weirder and edgier stuff in the future though!


2.  What was your first bike? What's your favorite place you've been on your bike?

My first bike was a BMX style "Tornado.” It had a big #13 handlebar badge. I woke up in my bed on my birthday (the 13th) with this black and yellow beast crushing me. It was on! Back then in my town it was the only real way a kid could get around and travel the miles it took to hang with your friends. We would meet up and roam all day in packs as big as 10 or 15. My favorite places were all our various hide outs we had scattered around. We had access to overgrown lots, vacant houses, trails through the woods, culverts and even home made courses complete with ridiculous bone-crushing ramps. Most had a fort or make shift hideout of some sort where we would play with fire, spray paint, show off our knives and nun-chucks and generally do all the things kids our age weren't supposed to be doing; we were the kings of our domain! Without a doubt biking with my friends in those days and places are my favorite memories on a bike. Now as an "adult" I ride my ass off so I can still eat pizza and have a beer without getting fat, it’s still a blast but now I'm wondering if I should form a gang again and break out all the contraband!


3.  Favorite pizza topping? Favorite pizza spot in Austin?

Man- I'm a pepperoni and mushroom on thin crust purist! I don't know if I have a favorite pizza place? I guess the closest one! I do like "Cider House Pizza" a lot though, oh and "Jet's Pizza" they have a killer logo of a mustached guy sporting a jet pack flying that pizza right to your door!


4.  Who's your favorite tattoo artist at the moment?

    Aw man, there are so many. I really enjoy Bert Krak's work, he has a really whimsical fun style that is weird yet wholly traditional, bold, clean and everything a tattoo should be. Here in Austin I'm surrounded by so much incredible talent that it makes my head spin at times. I could also go back in time and definitely say I'm influenced by the all the old timers like Bert Grimm, Owen Jenson, Percy Waters, Sailor Jerry, Ed Hardy and Fred Marquand to name just a few. These guys work are still being echoed in the tattoo world to this day!


    Check out Sizer's Artist Series Collection here and visit Buzz Buzz here