While your bike is ultimately a means of fitness, transportation, and fun; it is also a blank canvas for you to express your unique style.

Between custom painted frames and colorful wheel decals, nearly every part of your bike can be customized and coordinated. But what about your stem cap? Although small, it is the first thing you look at when you mount your bike and the component you stare at the most when you’re suffering up a long climb or taking a pull in a fast breakaway.  

We created a better stem cap.

Whether you call it a stem cap, headset cover, top cap, or round thingy on top of your stem, we have a better solution. We think that the most noticeable element of a typical headset cap is the bolt that sits right in the center. What could be a perfectly round template for any design you could imagine, the big hole in the middle limits your options. We set out to remedy this problem. After hours of design, numerous prototypes, bike rides and a few beers, we have created a solution that we are proud of and excited to share with you. 

This is the ROUND14 StemCaps System.

Our patented (U.S. Pat. No. D823,733) two-piece StemCaps System consists of a CNC machined aluminum base cap and a durable injection molded plastic snap-on stem cover. It does more than just cover your steer tube and headset. The whole system weighs just 7.06 grams, lighter than even your standard stem cap. Clean and simple, with infinite customization options, our StemCaps System takes your ride to the next level. Want to look at a picture of your dog while suffering in the French Alps? We can do that. Want to show off your state flag while you’re riding in another country? We can make that. Custom StemCaps for your cyclocross team with rider’s names on them so you can tell team bikes apart? Done.

Whatever design you can fit onto our snap-on headset cover, we can print. And they're so easy to change out, you can have a different StemCap for every day of the week.

3 Easy Steps:

  1. Remove your old stem cap or headset cover.
  2. Take the CNC machined Stem Cap Base and install it like you would any stem cap. Ensure your headset is tight.
  3. Snap on your Stem Cap Cover and go ride your bike!