What StemCaps Base Do I Need?

The big question: What StemCaps Base do I need?

There are many different styles of bicycle headsets and top caps. They differ from brand to brand and unfortunately there is no “standard.” We’ve started this page to help you in discerning what is the right StemCaps base for YOUR bike! If you have further questions or still aren’t sure- email Jason@stemcaps.com


The Road Base

 The most common StemCaps base. This base works for most all road bikes.


The Mountain Base

Works on mountain bikes.


The Cannondale StemCaps Base

Works for Cannondale bikes that have an FSA Integrated Headset. Buy this base if your current stem cap looks like this:

Then you need our Cannondale StemCaps Base




If you have questions, don’t hesitate to email us: Jason@stemcaps.com