Now this is just ridiculous. 


This time, for a triathlon.

In perhaps what is the most opposite cycling discipline from our last challenge (enduro racing), Jason is tackling a triathlon on our $250 full-suspension mountain bike.  Why? Why the heck not! We’re still out to prove that money shouldn’t be a barrier in competitive cycling. Pull the bike out of your garage, put some air in the tires, and go shred!


Earlier this week, we headed to the 3.1 mile Veloway in South Austin for some R&D. While we had some donated parts to make the bike a little more “road worthy”, we were curious to see how big of a difference it would make. Jason took the bike, with dirt still clinging on from the enduro race, and took off for a lap- in full enduro gear.

Jason came back with a respectable 9:30 minute time. Not bad, but definitely not good.  How could we improve on the bike?  Jason was spinning out the small gear and the flat pedals weren’t cutting it.  Heavy, tready tires were also slowing him down.  We decided to remedy this by adding clip-on aero bars, clipless pedals, a larger chainring, and 26” slick tires.  


This time around, Jason put on a Hyperthreads Skinsuit (thanks fellas!) and took off again. I could tell from the start this time would be MUCH faster.


It was, Jason finished the loop in 7 minutes.

We’re as ready as we’re ever gonna be! Jason will be competing tomorrow and we’ll have an update for y’all next week!