The #RUNWHATYABRUNG experiment is officially complete. 

Jason competed at the Family Funduro last weekend in the 30-39 age group.. and won.

Needless to say, I don’t think any of us at the StemCaps office expected this outcome. Personally, I knew the bike would stay in one piece and Jason would complete the race. However, I didn’t think that a 13 year old bike could be ridden fast enough to get first place!  THANKS to our homies at ESI Grips and Loam Wolf Cycling for helping us make it happen!

Jason had a blast racing. He shredded hard, stayed safe, and rode well. Being his first enduro race, he learned a lot about how to pace himself for the next one. Over the next couple days, we’ll be sharing some footage from the race so y’all can have a better idea of what the course was like.

We had a blast with this #RWYB experiment. In a cycling culture that is driven largely by expensive new technology and ever evolving standards, it was challenging and rewarding to fully embrace the idea of #RWYB and have to get creative with solutions to problems. Our results have affirmed our feelings that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a great time racing your bike. If you have a bike that is safe to ride and ride within your skill level, you can race! Instead of spending money on a new fork or drivetrain, take the day off of work and hit the trails/road and hone your ability! Your ability and base is something you’ll have forever- bike parts don’t last forever.

So what’s next for the #RWYB bike? First we thought we’d sell it, maybe donate it. Then- we thought we’d use it for more Enduro races. How many races could Jason win on the bike? Finally.. Jason had the thought:


“Why stop at Enduro racing? We should race this thing in as many different ways as we can.”


And THAT is what we’re going to do. The #RWYB bike will live on and continue to tackle racing challenges. BMX, cyclocross, triathlon… we’re going to try them all and more!