Bike Night at COTA!

Summers in Texas are scorchers. There comes a time of the year where it becomes impossible to ride your bike between the hours of 11am and 6pm unless you’re hooked up to an IV that has a constant stream of NASA grade hydration fluid dripping into your veins. The dog days of summer are hard to escape, but a couple years ago- Holland Racing came up with a rad solution: 

What if we rented out the gigantic F1 track in Austin’s backyard once a week when the sun starts to go down and let riders of all types circle around it for a couple hours?

They made it happen, and that’s how Bike Night at COTA was born.

Jason, Roslyn, and I packed up the StemCaps tent and journeyed out to COTA to hang out this past week. It was a blast! Bike night is awesome because it’s a truly inclusive event for riders of all ages, backgrounds, and disciplines to coexist in a controlled and AWESOME environment. We saw everything from a 60-year-old dude riding his Trek multi-track in khaki shorts and no shirt to an 11-year-old triathlete riding a Cervelo TT bike in a skinsuit. We’ll definitely be back out there next year- thanks to Holland Racing, COTA, and Bicycle Sport Shop for putting on an awesome event!