Artist Series Collection: Starr Walker

We are really excited about this one. For our second Artist Series Collection, we are proud to be bringing y'all the work of the one and only Starr Walker (@starrwalker).  You've probably seen Starr on the internet somewhere, whether she's modeling Castelli custom kit, riding one of her Vynl's, or dancing in her living room before her commute to work- Starr is a special and unique voice in the cycling world.  Her creativity and style go beyond her work with Castelli and her well curated Instagram. Starr also dabbles in graphic design and from the moment we started the Artist Series Collection, we knew we wanted Starr to contribute.  We couldn't be more stoked with the outcome! Starr has contributed 6 different designs which can be found HERE.

Furthermore, Starr was nice enough to answer some questions about bikes, her future in the industry, and her favorite pizza toppings...


-where are you living these days?
It’s been a journey from RVA -> BOS -> PDX and now onto the South Bay Area of California

-what are your current bikes?

Surly 1x1 set up as a fixed gear fat tire bike

State Black Label
Fairdale Cruiser

Ridley X-Fire – Force/Red & Chris Kings built to HED Belgium Rims

VYNL CX – Gevenalle retro shifter(s) 1x11 set up with ENVE

VYNL RD – the working woman’s edition, all RIVAL components and HiFi Wheels

Specialized Single Speed Crux, team POLER edition 

-how and when did you get into designing?
My reason for making something is usually selfish. It’s typically because I think “I really want this, why doesn’t it already exist? Guess I’ll just have make it…”

I never consider anything that I do to be designing. I have no idea how to use illustrator.

Drawing & creating have always been just an outlet for me. It’s my therapy and it grounds me. I still have my original sketchbook from when I was 11 & learning about shading.

-What was the first thing you made?
The first thing that I can remember ever making was my own pinhole camera when I was 11 or 12. I even had access to enlargers and a dark room so I was able to develop my own film. I took photos of dilapidated structures and all the other kids thought I was morbid. By 15 I was printing and distributing my own zine that only perpetuated my oddness and really isolated me. Luckily there was the punk rock scene which made me feel hopeful. 

-who are your biggest influences? why?

I don’t personally feel like I am influenced by an entity or being. But I am sure my community and constant interactions are my underlying influences. 

I am always inspired and motivated by those who #RESIST, who march to the beat of their own drummer and by those who create selflessly to benefit others.

-what are your favorite non-bike Instagram accounts to follow?

-favorite pizza toppings?
any kind of olive 

-favorite font?
Tazugane Gothic Thin 

-best band?

Best… I can’t say. But all I can say is that I never would have made it through the tough times without Saves The Day’s “Can’t Slow Down” & “Through Being Cool” or Jawbreaker’s “Dear You” & “24 Hour Revenge Therapy”. That’s some of the BEST for me.